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About Us

Eko means Lagos…, EKO ART GALLERY is situated in The Silos at Sawyer Yards (Sawyer Yards is a creative community thriving in the heart of one of Houston’s most historic downtown neighborhoods, comprising a complex of artist studios, galleries, and other art world) located at, 1502 Sawyer Street, Studio #118, Houston, TX 77007.

Uloma Okundaye is the chief executive officer (CEO) of Eko Art Gallery, which houses over 500 Art Works from various Nigerian based artists. Eko Art Gallery is a place to view, appreciate and collect works of Nigerian artist, featuring the everyday life of Nigerians, as well as the rich Nigeria culture and heritage.

As you enter into the gallery, you are overcome with a nostalgic feeling, particularly if you have visited or lived in Nigeria or any West African country. Art pieces, such as those that feature the ever popular “Yellow Buses” aka “Danfo” brings back to life the Lagos city transport experience. Works which features the Lagos cultural heritage, such as the traditional Eyo Cultural Festival are also prominent at the gallery.

Works from our internally acclaimed female artist Chief Dr. Nike Okundaye (whose works also feature in the Smithsonian and other prominent international galleries).  Other prominent artists like Prof. Bruce Onobrakpeya, Bolaji Ogunwo (PhD), Chief Tola Wewe, and a host of other artist are featured at the gallery.


The grand opening of Eko Art Gallery was held on March 06th, 2021 by Dr. Mrs Nike Okundaye (aka. Mama Nike) and Chief Reuben Okundaye – Commissioner of Police (Rtd) of NIKE ART GALLERY (The Largest privately own gallery in Africa), alongside guest Artist Ayoola Omovo from Lagos Nigeria to grace the occasion. Also in attendance was Dr. Kessington Okundaye, Artist Oluseyi Soyege, Bimbo Adenugba, and other friends, family and guest.

One of the visitors in attendance said, and I quote “The colors of the art works on display are so vibrant and fantastic, the styles of the paintings are definitely unique and in class of its own compared to other galleries visited so far!”

Indeed, the gallery is one of a kind, which without a doubt will foster a cultural bridge between two worlds, Africa and the West. The goal of Eko Art Gallery is to help boost the image of the Nigerian Artist, as well as introduce Nigerian and African contemporary art to Texans, and the US Art world at large.

African Art has come to stay, and Eko Art Gallery is here to ensure that the beauty, value, and stories of the Nigerian Art and Artist are well represented and will forever be told!.

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